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Gratis willekeurige online chatrooms voor volwassenen zonder registratie

Iedereen maakt graag nieuwe vrienden en we willen ervoor zorgen dat we ze op unieke manieren gaan krijgen. In de wereld van internet zijn er veel geweldige manieren waarop we door kunnen gaan en andere mensen kunnen ontmoeten. We kunnen online gaan, alles te weten komen wat er is en in chatrooms komen waar we mensen kunnen ontmoeten die dezelfde interesses hebben als wij. Dus, hoe moeten we precies vinden wat we nodig hebben om die dingen te vinden die we nodig hebben? Hoe kunnen we ervoor zorgen dat we precies kunnen krijgen wat we willen?

Feit is dat er veel chatrooms zijn en dat ze niet allemaal geschikt zijn voor iedereen. Wanneer u uw zoekopdracht start, wordt u mogelijk overweldigd door hoeveel u kunt kiezen. In dit artikel delen we enkele van de ideeën die we voor u hebben over waar u heen moet als u de volgende keer wilt chatten en nieuwe mensen wilt ontmoeten. Zonder verder oponthoud (en niet in een bepaalde volgorde), hier zijn onze keuzes die we hebben samengesteld voor de 6 beste gratis chatrooms die je kunt gebruiken om nieuwe vrienden te maken in 2020. (more…)

Collar Space BDSM Community for Kinksters

Bdsm chat: the best way to learn about mistress. Have you ever tried bdsm chats? Do it immediately because they are the best way to find and meet mistresses from all over Italy, ready to torture you and tease you. Choose your favorite and contact her as a slave willing to serve her: you’ll see, you’ll find your ideal mistress in just a few clicks and without wasting time. Find out more about free mistress chats.

What is Tinder & How Does it Work?

Today we talk about Tinder, the most used application ever to make new encounters. If you are one of those who have never used it, I advise you to read this article very carefully, mainly for these reasons: For a change, if you know me you know that I will give you information on a quantitative and qualitative level like no one in USA . (more…)

Do women or men want sex more

Looking at the American sitcom Girls, we say that these little New Yorkers are not cold in the eyes, nor elsewhere in this case … They live a completely unbridled sexuality and assume it. The number of their partners of “bunga-bunga” is undoubtedly much higher than that of their mother. A trend that would translate directly into the numbers? Would women catch men on the finish line of conquests? (more…)

Tinder Plus and the New Tinder Gold, What Are You Paying for ?

With more than 50 million downloads, Tinder has become the reference for mobile dating apps. Tinder has established itself on the dating market thanks to its zap system. We zap to the right if the person pleases us, to the left if we want to ignore it and not to come into contact with it. When you like each other, there is a Match and you can start a discussion.

Tinder: free or paid?

Tinder is it free? Or has Tinder become paid? To be honest, you can use Tinder free for men and women. You will be limited in your use of the Tinder Dating App, however this limit is not restrictive. Indeed, you will be able to widely discover the profiles and discuss with singles close to you.

Of course, if you want to improve your experience and maximize your chances of meeting, you can still pay a Tinder Plus subscription.

In this article we will explain at first what you can do on Tinder totally free and its restrictions. Then, in a second step, we detail the benefits of Tinder Plus pay. (more…)

The Top 10 Best Dating Apps for 2018



If you are looking for the best and coolest dating apps you are on the right page. In the world of the Internet, many applications have been developed to connect and find a romantic partner. Yes, it sounds ESSENTIAL, but if you are one of them and you do not want to get into a just “love” relationship (you know what I mean), then these dating apps are must-have for you. It’s just for fun so just install the apps and let them guide you.

However, the number of applications is very high. We ranked them by Popularity, Functionality and ease of use, the essential thing is to meet while not taking it seriously. (more…)

Different ways to schedule Tweets on Twitter

Are you going on vacation, or you just want to schedule your Tweets in advance? Here are some ways to plan your Tweets on Twitter, using tools available to you by third parties, or through Twitter.

As a bonus, I suggest you a tool to plan your Tweets at recommended hours of publication for tweeting on Twitter.

Plan Tweets ahead, directly from Twitter:

Little know it but it is possible to program its Tweets directly from the interface Twitter. This happens indeed from the Twitter advertising interface, but not everyone has access to that part of the social network. In addition to the paid advertising service that Twitter offers, Tweets planning is completely free and takes only a few seconds to set them up.


Pay with your personal data: a new business model explained

Today, offering a product or service without a business model is very problematic for start-ups. The gratuitous argument does not work in the long term if the activity of the company is essentially based on the sale of products or services. The new concept of free data access is gaining momentum and reaching more and more sectors.

The principle of this business model

Free data protection is the only business model in which freemium can be a reassuring or even profitable strategy for the company. Indeed, unlike the classic freemium, it does not rely on the conversion rate of free users who become paying customers. In fact, the platforms that use this business model can already be financed thanks to the monetization of the data collected. This is how they can afford to offer free services.

Its mode of operation is simple, but very effective. It consists of offering a free service in exchange for data communicated by users sometimes, voluntarily and sometimes, without their knowledge. Concretely, the collection of data can take several forms. “Start-ups” sometimes ask users to subscribe or register to receive the free service. In some cases, the famous cookies are installed to allow the geolocation of the user or access to the data available on his workstation. Sometimes it’s data sharing or data storage on “clouds” that allow startups to exploit them.