What is Tinder & How Does it Work?

Today we talk about Tinder, the most used application ever to make new encounters. If you are one of those who have never used it, I advise you to read this article very carefully, mainly for these reasons: For a change, if you know me you know that I will give you information on a quantitative and qualitative level like no one in USA .

Tinder is an application that, although easy to use, hides many more pitfalls than any other site, chat or dating app that you could try, at least at the time of writing the article. Translated: although it seems extremely “user friendly” compared to other sites and dating apps it requires an almost “specialized” approach. I know this statement may seem very strong, but I will discuss everything in detail.

Although I always preach the fact that online seduction should complement your approaches day and night, if you do not use this application you are literally throwing women into the toilet. If you follow me you know that we want to create an abundance mentality, where the responsive phone numbers we have are higher than those we can actually manage, so that we can afford to filter. In short, as you can see there are a lot of good reasons to use Tinder.

So let’s see what you’ll find in this important article: Why it’s a “scam” if you don’t know how to use it How it works How to subscribe How to use How to unsubscribe (even if it seems a contradiction this point is really important for your success on this app and you I will argue in depth why, if you know me you know I’m not bullshit, this is NOT clickbait) Finally, if you are interested, as this is nothing to do with the technical content I will give you in this article. we are going to dismantle some limiting beliefs that you could have when we talk about opinions on Tinder. The points “how it works” and “how to register” are simply hints for those who were completely unaware of this platform so, if you are already registered, listen absolutely free to skip them.

Does Tinder work or is it a scam?

Let’s start with an important premise. Defining Tinder as a “scam” is the only somewhat “clickbait” part of this article, as I have to say that among the various sites and dating apps, it is one of the most honest. Especially in the past, when people talked about dating sites, some users complained about fraud in a legitimate way. In fact on these sites it was easy to come across fake profiles (ie fake profiles) that tried in every way to extort money from users. Not only that, the same sites created some fake profiles behind which there was a bot that sent messages to new subscribers, but to see and / or respond to these messages the new user had to register for a fee.

be vigilant on a large site, and do it promptly. The second point was (and on some sites it is still today) frankly unacceptable. Tinder doesn’t do any of this. The fake profiles, if any, are statistically irrelevant and this app does NOT use any fraudulent or morally incorrect tactics to get you to register for a fee. Indeed, this application is in effect one of the most honest from this point of view as: It offers you a platform on which you can get results even without paying for registration (and this is not true for all companies that operate in this area) It does not push in particular ways to make you register for payment (for example some apps strongly limit your number of likes, the possibility of writing to the girls with whom you trade like, or make the “last” only last for 24 hours if you are not a premium subscriber).

The only things that Tinder does not give free are:

The ability to see who put you like it and then share it A sufficient number of Super Likes (we’ll talk about it later) Free Boosts (which increase your visibility ) A number of infinite likes In the end we are talking about a company and therefore in some way it must incentivize you to pay for registration. However, the incentive that the app gives you, compared to that of competitors (and also in general), is a more than honest incentive. And maybe that’s also why it has become the most famous dating app. So why am I talking about scam? This is not a real scam (in fact, you should understand that I am saying the opposite), but Tinder has a problem. If you do not know how to use the application this will not bring results, or will bring absolutely unsatisfactory results, EVEN if you are a paid user. This is due to the fact that the application works with an algorithm.

This means that, depending on how you use it (and in this article we will see how to do it) the algorithm benefits you or penalizes you very much. So let me tell you about the future of many of you. I appeal to any man or boy with an average aesthetic appearance. If you don’t make big mistakes in profile creation (we’ll talk about it soon), you’ll get a few matches at the beginning, but after a few weeks what happens is that your matches will become so scarce that you can count on the fingers of one hand. For this reason, learning how to use Tinder, if you want to get results, is an absolutely vital skill for increasing your number of hot contacts.