Tinder Plus and the New Tinder Gold, What Are You Paying for ?

With more than 50 million downloads, Tinder has become the reference for mobile dating apps. Tinder has established itself on the dating market thanks to its zap system. We zap to the right if the person pleases us, to the left if we want to ignore it and not to come into contact with it. When you like each other, there is a Match and you can start a discussion.

Tinder: free or paid?

Tinder is it free? Or has Tinder become paid? To be honest, you can use Tinder free for men and women. You will be limited in your use of the Tinder Dating App, however this limit is not restrictive. Indeed, you will be able to widely discover the profiles and discuss with singles close to you.

Of course, if you want to improve your experience and maximize your chances of meeting, you can still pay a Tinder Plus subscription.

In this article we will explain at first what you can do on Tinder totally free and its restrictions. Then, in a second step, we detail the benefits of Tinder Plus pay.

Use Tinder free is possible?

Yes, Tinder is free, you can get in touch with singles around you without paying a subscription. So, to be clear, what can you do for free on Tinder?

Likes are limited but enough to meet people. You can like up to 50 singles maximum, it will then wait 12 hours time to reload your likes.

Chat with singles in unlimited and free. Think again, whether you use Tinder in free mode or with a Tinder Plus account, the principle remains the same. Indeed, to be able to send a message to a person, it is necessary that the two people showed a common interest, without this prematching you will not be able to discuss with the profile which interests you (except if you activated your Super Like)

What is Tinder Plus?

If before Tinder was free, this time is over and to enjoy new features, you will have to subscribe to a subscription called “Tinder Plus”. How much does a Tinder Plus account cost? What are the benefits of a Tinder Plus account?

Tinder Plus

Like a traditional dating site, Tinder has developed a paid offer for its service. Called Tinder Plus, this paid subscription is monthly. you can opt for a subscription of one month up to 12 months automatically renewable unless you disagree.

Rates are different depending on your age. Indeed, a 25-year-old will not pay the same price as a 40-year-old man. So if you’re under 30, Tinder Plus’s rates will be:

The Tinder Plus price for 1 month: 7.83.
The Tinder Plus price for 6 months: 6.15 / month.
The Tinder Plus price for 12 months: 5.08 / month.

Compared to subscription rates for other dating apps like Adopteunmec, Tinder Plus’s rate is particularly low. These small prices can be explained by the way Tinder works, because Tinder Plus makes improvements to the use of Tinder. Nevertheless, the free version may be enough to meet singles.

This business model is reminiscent of the Badoo dating site. Indeed, Badoo is free but to optimize your meetings and make you notice other singles you can buy credits or Super Powers.

Why buy Tinder Plus?

You may wonder why subscribe to a Tinder Plus subscription if you can use the Tinder Dating App for free? Here are the improvements that the Tinder Plus subscription offers its users:

Disabling advertisements and zapping without interruption.
Retract from your last zapper: you have been wrong in your like and you want to back off, it is now possible with Tinder Plus.
The zapping on the right, the I like in unlimited to increase your chances of meeting.

Change your geolocated position to detect new affinities around the world: you are no longer limited to your surroundings.
Control who can see you: either according to your preferences or only the people you have given a Like.
Control who you see: either singles that fit you best or people who have been active recently.
The ability to send up to 5 Super Likes a day instead of 1 alone to show even more interest.
1 Boost Tinder offered per week

By using Tinder frequently, we realize that only two options of Tinder Plus can be really interesting.


This is the possibility of backtracking if you have accidentally slid to the left a magnificent profile. I guess I’m not the only one bitten fingers because in the hurry I said “Nope” to a pretty girl without hope to find it, and well Tinder Plus in this case is terribly effective. The second nice option for a person who does not connect every day to his profile is the 5 Super Likes available.

Otherwise, other paid options are optional and will only improve your daily use of Tinder. The Tinder dating site can be used for free.

Tinder Boost Fees

The Tinder Boost is the latest novelty introduced by the Tinder dating app. These boosts make it possible to highlight your Tinder profile with other singles for a period of 30 minutes. As a result, you will get many more hits on your profile and therefore match on Tinder.

By subscribing to Tinder Plus, you receive 1 free Tinder Boost per week. We recommend you pay a Tinder Plus subscription which is much more cost-effective than buying Tinder Boost pack alone.

The price of Tinder Boost starts from 2.70 / boost for the purchase of a pack of 10 boosts. If you want to test this new feature, you can make the choice to buy only one Tinder Boost that will cost you 4.39 dollars.