Do women or men want sex more

Looking at the American sitcom Girls, we say that these little New Yorkers are not cold in the eyes, nor elsewhere in this case … They live a completely unbridled sexuality and assume it. The number of their partners of “bunga-bunga” is undoubtedly much higher than that of their mother. A trend that would translate directly into the numbers? Would women catch men on the finish line of conquests?

Men have more sexual partners than women

Let’s put the question straight to the clinical sexologist Nathalie Mayor. Is the widespread idea that men have more sexual partners and adventures than women true? “The answer is yes!” But … The gap is clearly decreasing. “Women are beginning to have sexual behavior that is closer to that of men.” Between the years 70 and 2006, date of the last major study on the subject in France, the number of sexual partners for men has not changed, but women have doubled the number of partners, and in six years, I am convinced that the number has increased for women.  ” Women are also more interested in having threesomes, and trying out new things.

It is true that by looking more closely at the graph from the study Bajos, Bozon and Beltzer, named after French researchers, the evolution between 1970 and 2006 is quite impressive (1.4 partners against 4.4) . However, the gap with men remains very important. In 2006, men announced an average of 11.6 partners. We are still far from the average 4.4 partners of women.

Truncated, these numbers?

Other specialists, who leaned over the bed of the subject, believe that men and women do not dare to look straight in the mirror. There would always be this tendency to increase the number of partners when one has testicles, or to decrease (or not remember any more) the number when one has breasts … In others In words, women would only consider those who really mattered in their emotional lives.

Undeniably, times change. Good or bad, this is not the purpose of the article … “It is a question of changing morals and society that moves.” Sexual freedom is much more important today. start their sexual life earlier … There is a real phenomenon of intense hypersexualization of young people.Access to the pill is widespread.The age group of under 25 is much more active, “says the specialist .

We are not going to die stupid anyway …

Before the advent of abortion and the pill, a kind of sword of Damocles continually threatened women. Becoming a mother-daughter 50 years ago was the disaster and the rejection assured … Afterwards, women were able to better manage their sexuality and become financially self-sufficient.

“The internet has also fundamentally changed the game … And in the media, we talk almost every day of threesome, swingers, bisexuality … Women are more and more eager to try, to try. Curiosity is stronger! Take the bisexuality of women, it is not so badly seen in our society and is so obvious if you take literature, cinematographic works, video clips … For men, on the other hand, ‘is still a delicate subject even if the desire to test is present.

Yet, in practice, things are not so obvious and the received ideas have hard skin.

“The moral gaze of society remains heavy … Women are still afraid of being judged, it will take a long time for this look to change, we are far from equality, I would take the example of young girl I met recently and had several boyfriends, she is stigmatized in her school environment for that, which is not at all the case of the boys she has known. won … ” ‘

Will women always be “behind” men in this affair? No doubt … Because how to put love between work, shopping, homework, swimming pool, cleaning …? To ask the question, is to answer it !