Different ways to schedule Tweets on Twitter

Are you going on vacation, or you just want to schedule your Tweets in advance? Here are some ways to plan your Tweets on Twitter, using tools available to you by third parties, or through Twitter.

As a bonus, I suggest you a tool to plan your Tweets at recommended hours of publication for tweeting on Twitter.

Plan Tweets ahead, directly from Twitter:

Little know it but it is possible to program its Tweets directly from the interface Twitter. This happens indeed from the Twitter advertising interface, but not everyone has access to that part of the social network. In addition to the paid advertising service that Twitter offers, Tweets planning is completely free and takes only a few seconds to set them up.

To do this, go to ads.twitter.com then log on if you have not already done so. Then click on the “Contents” tab then on “Tweets” and then on the blue button “New Tweet”.

You can of course write a 140-character Tweet (with or without emoji), add a photo, and even attach a lead card. When you are satisfied with your Tweet, select “Custom” in the “Programming” tab and choose the date and time for the schedule.

Plan Tweets with TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a tool developed by Twitter that allows the real-time tracking of certain keywords (hashtags) with clean and neat column views. Add as many columns as you want and monitor the traffic (mentions, tweets, interactions, etc …) of several Twitter accounts. The TweetDeck tool is available on Google Chrome or directly on tweetdeck.twitter.com.

In addition to this, one can obviously plan the publication of its Tweets with or without image. Simply write a new Tweet from the TweetDeck interface and click “Schedule Tweet” before validating it. It will then be added to a new column reserved for scheduled Tweets.

Note that you also find the Tweets scheduled using the first solution (planning Tweets via ads.twitter.com).

Plan Tweets with Clocktweets:

Clocktweets is a completely free service and I especially appreciate it because it belongs to a friend of the Web (Jonathan). This service allows you as the first solutions, to plan his Tweets, but this time “with love”!

You can link 15 Twitter accounts, and also plan your Tweets with images or video, and this will triple the engagement of your followers.

Plan Tweets with Buffer

The advantage of Buffer is that it is not limited to Twitter. Indeed, you can schedule your posts to post at specific times on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

The second advantage of Buffer is that you can automate article publishing via your favorite RSS feeds, useful for watching over the Internet. Use Buffer to Schedule Your Tweets on Twitter

Buffer is a paid tool for its professional version, but you can add several accounts, add RSS feeds to automate your publications, analyze publication statistics. This remains for me, the most complete tool to keep watch on the Internet.


Other tools for your Tweets

The list of tools that I have just presented is not exhaustive, there are a lot on the Web, it is up to you to make your own opinion, and above all, choose the tool according to your needs (professional or not) .

Hootsuite: hootsuite.com
Agorapulse: agorapulse.com
Oktopost: oktopost.com
Sprout Social: sproutsocial.com
Social Oomph: socialoomph.com

What is the best time to Tweet?

At what time are you most likely to create commitment for your followers?

Media in its own right, Twitter is subject to the same rules of audience as other social networks. Knowing one’s audience and habits is another guarantee to increase the reach of your publications. Tweriod is a small free online tool that will help you better understand your audience.

Tweriod will analyze at a glance the activity of the followers of your Twitter account. After a quick connection using your Twitter account, Tweriod will show you a complete dashboard with the hours your community is most active. To do this, once connected to the site, click on the “My Analysis” link.

You will discover the most favorable moments for publications from the analysis of 1000 of your followers. If you have a much larger community, you will need to move on to a paid plan to have a full analysis. On the results page, you will discover the best slots to publish during the weekend and during the week. The analysis takes into account the interactions of your past activity.

Other interesting information, Tweriod will show you the times your audience or community is online.

A simple and handy little utility to increase the reach of publications on Twitter. It allows you especially if you schedule your Tweets ahead of time to schedule high-audience broadcast. If you use a tool like Buffer to publish on Twitter, Tweriod even allows you to automatically adjust the hours of your Tweets according to its results.

Tweriod is free for its basic functionality. The paid version offers many additional options: You will be able to analyze the entirety of your followers community. You will get an even more detailed analysis of the behavior of your community by day and by hour. You will be able to export the results for your reporting needs in PDF format.