3 dating sites to find a “Sugar Daddy” or a “Sugar Baby”

Want to know more about the sugar daddy & sugar baby phenomenon in the USA? In this article, we have detailed the majority of the most important information to know, as well as the list of specialized dating sites in this “type of meeting”, with our opinion for each of them.

3 dating sites to find a “Sugar Daddy” or a “Sugar Baby”

The Sugar Daddy phenomenon came straight from the United States, and developed during the 1990s, with the development of specialized dating sites, including industry leaders (such as Suggar Daddy). The phenomenon is developing in Europe, to the point that many companies are embarking on this niche. We answer a few questions and offer a comparison of dating sites for “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby” that you can ask yourself:

What does the Sugar Daddy phenomenon mean?

The Sugar Daddy phenomenon is a new typology of encounters that has developed in the United States, and is now coming to Europe. In this type of relationship, the man is called Sugar Daddy (French cake dad), while the woman, Sugar Baby (French cake girl). The Sugar Daddy is explained by the desire of women and men to gather around elements that interest them. In this type of relationship, women bring their youth, sometimes their beauties, their natural and sometimes carefree while men bring experience, experience, and sometimes money.

What is the difference with prostitution?

It is not about prostitution. Prostitution is also condemned by law, and if the dating sites realize that a member is a prostitute, the person will be closed his account. First of all, the man is under no obligation to give money and the woman is not obliged to have sex. In some cases, the man gives gifts to the woman. These gifts are used to finance shopping, rent, travel, and outright studies of girls. Women are systematically consenting, and register on their own on this type of dating site. Both parties agree with the beginning of the relationship on what interests them in the other. The couple stays together as long as the interests of both parties are aligned.

Sugar Daddy are they necessarily rich?

It should be known that women are not just looking for monetary comfort. They also seek a man of experience, who has lived, and who can reassure them, comfort them, and help them make the right choice. So, if you’re not a millionaire, you can still claim to become a Sugar Daddy. There will indeed be some girls who will pass their paths, but another party may be interested in you, and who knows, perhaps form a relationship in the long-term. You should know that real relationships can be formed by this type of meetings, and that many marriages and children are born as these unions in the United States.

How old is it to be a Sugar Daddy?

There is no minimum age, as there is no maximum age. There are Sugar Daddy who are very young, from 25 years, but they always have something to bring to the woman. For example, a person who owns their apartment will be more interested because the person will be able to come and live in your home. So, it’s more about what you can bring to the woman in general than your strict-census age. And besides, the “sugar babies” prefer relatively young men, to “sugars daddy” beyond 65 years.

How old are the Sugar Baby?

In general, sugar babies are younger than their sugar daddy. They bring them their physical beauty but also a freshness in conversations. The sugar babies are most often students (up to 25 years), but there are older .. who have done their job, even to multiply relations at the same time. So, ask if you have an exclusive relationship, or if the person you are dating continues to multiply parallel relationships. It’s always good to know, especially if you are looking for an exclusive relationship over time.

What are the best dating sites for “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby”?

Today, this business is in full development, because more and more girls, major wish to have their sugar daddy, to the point that sometimes there are more women than men enrolled. Here are the 3 biggest dating sites for “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby”?

1. SuccesFull Gentlemen, the leader in specialized dating sites

SuccesFull Gentlemen (https://www.successful-gentlemen.com) is the leader in the USA of dating sites between “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby”. This is one of the first sites launched in the USA, and enjoys a significant spontaneous awareness, including through TV reports and a large advertising budget. This is the specialized site in which you will find the greatest number of profiles, whether for women or men. To discover inevitably.

2.DoubleList personals, the market changer

In second place in the USA, DoubleList (http://doubllist.net/) is a copy / paste of the Craigslist personals section. This is the second site in terms of audience, despite greater seniority. DoubleList personals offers similar features to other major dating sites on the market. Men and women must pay a monthly fee in order to benefit from messaging between singles.

3. SugarDaters, the most international

Less present in the USA, but better represented abroad, you have the opportunity to subscribe to SugarDaters (https://sugardaters.com/), resolutely oriented internationally. If you want to target a woman present in the countries of the East, see in Russia, it is probably a favorite site. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a relationship with a French girl, it is better to go your way.